Digital worksuit system improves safety and overview

Press release   •   Jul 18, 2019 08:15 CEST

Both ESVAGT’s specially designed worksuits and life jackets are now equipped with barcodes so it is easy to trace every single suit – wherever it may be in the fleet. This improves safety and peace of mind at work.

ESVAGT’s new digital suit management prevents errors in suit and life jacket handling.

An essential element of ensuring safety and support at sea is being able to trust your equipment.

To ensure this, all of ESVAGT’s approximately 1,500 specially designed worksuits are called in for test and certification at least once a year, and that work has now been made simpler and more efficient with a new digital solution.

‘We are digitalising the working procedures, which eliminates a number of manual tasks and makes it far easier to have a comprehensive overview and ensure that all suits are certified and ready for use,’ says Lars Knudsen, Head of IT at ESVAGT.

Fewer lifts

The new system saves time and reduces the risk of error:

‘There used to be several documents for each suit and it was a time-consuming process to update and maintain an overview of all suits,’ says Service Manager Søren Westphal:

‘Digitalisation has made suit handling paperless, saves time and improves quality. At the same time, we have eliminated the potential for typing errors because it is barcode-based and easy to beep the suits in and out. Our ergonomics have also been significantly improved as many heavy lifts of the suits can now be avoided,’ says Søren Westphal.

Improved traceability and safety

Digitalisation is an important tool for traceability. Not only on the practical side in connection with missing suits and leased suits but also when finding faults and correcting them:

‘Digitalisation helps with practical, everyday needs and with efficiency. First and foremost, digitalisation is an important step in improving safety for our seamen and the quality of our work because digitalised registration improves our overview,’ says Lars Knudsen.

In addition to the certification of the seamen’s personal worksuits, the fleet’s approximately 600 life jackets will also be covered by digital certification.

Photo: ESVAGT is trained and approved to service, repair and certify the suits, and the improved overview makes this work easier.


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