'Esvagt Innovator' ready for Hess on South Arne

Press release   •   Jul 30, 2018 09:45 CEST

'Esvagt Innovator' at South Arne at one of the first jobs.

ESVAGT's new, ultramodern MRV, the 'Esvagt Innovator', enters into contract for Hess on the South Arne field in July.

One of the largest and most modern MRVs (Multi Role Vessels) in the ESVAGT fleet will begin a multi year contract with Hess on the South Arne field at the end of July.

The 'Esvagt Innovator', which comes as a new build from the Cemre Shipyard in Turkey, will continue 19 years of excellent cooperation between Hess and ESVAGT on the South Arne field. In addition to providing standby duties, supply and hook up to tank vessel tasks that ESVAGT currently provides with the 'Esvagt Connector', the 'Esvagt Innovator' will handle servicing, maintenance and inspection of the hose system.

"The A-frame enables us to carefully handle the hose system so that we can pull it up and maintain it onboard the vessel; something that would have previously required calling in another vessel," says Ib Hansen, Head of Commercial for ESVAGT.

The MRV will perform other tasks in other areas that would have previously needed special vessels, for example servicing in connection with work on unmanned platforms in the area with a so-called Walk-to-Work gangway system:

"With the 'Esvagt Innovator', we offer a vessel that makes it possible to perform pretty much any operation that we currently know of – and have the capacity to provide incremental services should they emerge throughout our partnership The vessel is ultramodern, fuel efficient and designed to meet future requirements," says Ib Hansen.


The 82 metre long MRV, the 'Esvagt Innovator', was built at the Cemre Shipyard in Turkey. It will enter into charter in July 2018.

The vessel is highly advanced and specially designed for the tasks it will be performing. The A-frame makes it possible to handle hoses and very delicate equipment; there are cranes on both railings; DP2; ROV hangar; a dedicated ROV control room and a highly innovative paravane oil spill readiness system.

The vessel is prepared for a gangway-system so technicians can be transferred either by boat or using a walk to work, and with 18 double cabins and active roll tank, there are both good facilities a good working environment for the service technicians on board. 


ESVAGT is a dedicated provider of safety and support at sea and a market leader within offshore wind solutions. 

We support the offshore Oil & Gas industries with a wide range of specialized services: Standby, Emergency Response and Resque Vessels (ERRV), Oil spill response, Firefighting, Tanker assists, Rig moves, Supply services and Interfield transfer of cargo and personnel.

We service offshore wind farms and have a fleet of dedicated Service Operation Vessels (SOV), which Esvagt pioneered in 2010. The SOVs provide accommodation for technicians, spare time facilities, offices and conference room, storage for small turbine parts, workshops, etc. The SOV offers flexible personnel and equipment transfer capabilities by either Walk-to-Work gangway system or Safe Transfer Boats.

ESVAGT was founded in 1981 and has a fleet of more than 40 vessels and approximately 900 employees on- and offshore.