Exam in front of 10,000 guests

Press release   •   Jun 21, 2017 09:13 CEST

Three multimedia design students from South-West Denmark’s Business Academy, Sebastian Borg, Martin Bjørnskov and Chris Dyhrberg, created their final exam project on a large scale: An exhibition stand for ESVAGT at Offshore Wind Energy 2017

ESVAGT’s exhibition stand for the Offshore Wind Energy exhibition in London was an exam piece for three multimedia students from south-west Denmark’s business academy, Erhvervsakademi Sydvest.

When ESVAGT welcomed guests to stand N-J40 at the world’s largest offshore wind energy exhibition in London, it doubled up as exam time for Chris Dyhrberg, Martin Bjørnskov and Sebastian Borg.

The three multimedia design students from south-west Denmark’s business academy, Erhvervsakademi Sydvest, created their final exam project on a large scale; the exhibition stand was the final test piece for the three students.

“You often have to settle for explaining considerations and sketching out how something will look at exams. Here we have actually built a stand at the world’s largest wind energy exhibition,” says Martin Bjørnskov, 22.

He worked as a student assistant at ESVAGT, giving him the opportunity to bring his final exam piece to life. Fellow students, Chris Dyhrberg and Sebastian Borg, were happy to come on board with the idea.

“It was very different from going to a normal exam,” says Chris Dyhrberg, 28.

“We were responsible for a budget and a deadline – and a printing house that needed to get finished because there was a vessel about to set sail,” he says.

The exam took place at south-west Denmark’s business academy, Erhvervsakademi Sydvest, on the 16th of June but the final test took place the week before when the wind energy exhibition’s 10,000 guests visited the 400 stands – including ESVAGT’s. The shipping company acknowledged the excellent work by sending the three multimedia students to London to see the stand live:

“It was a real experience and great to see that it worked as we had envisioned. And of course having made a stand at the world’s largest wind energy exhibition looks good on a CV when you are looking for a job,” says Sebastian Borg, 21.

He and Chris Dyhrberg will not be joined by Martin Bjørnskov on the job market: Martin will be staying on full time at ESVAGT after his exams.

Martin Bjørnskov and his student colleagues have built a stand for ESVAGT at the world’s biggest offshore wind energy exhibition in London: “It is more exciting than an exam. It is a different type of pressure!”


Chris Dyhrberg  

Sebastian Borg  

Martin Bjørnskov  


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