Health and togetherness benefit from fitness challenge

Press release   •   Dec 11, 2018 08:00 CET

The ‘Esvagt Cornelia’ won this year’s fitness challenge, by keeping the treadmill going for 24 hours in a row.

The ’Esvagt Cornelia’ has won ESVAGT’s fitness challenge designed for all vessels and onshore employees. The ‘Esvagt Cornelia’ literally stepped things up when its crew secured a significant amount of points over the course of two days by fully focusing on the treadmill.

‘We decided to see if we could keep the treadmill going for 24 hours in a row’, says Henry á Reynatrød, master on the ’Esvagt Cornelia’:

‘We chose to walk to avoid overloading the treadmill, and at the same time ensure that everyone could participate. We are seven people on board, so it was 3½ hours per person. We made it through a full day without turning off the equipment, and we covered 144 kilometres’, he says.

The ‘Esvagt Cornelia’s second crew also went for it – an 18-kilometre hike was the result, and thanks to the rowing machine and stationary bikes, the ‘Esvagt Cornelia’ was sent to the top of the list in the fitness challenge.

‘It has been motivating to have the fitness challenge, and it meant a lot to be amongst the top participants, when the other crew took over. It has strengthened the feeling of togetherness; when the first person is in the room to exercise, the next will tag along more easily’, relates Henry á Reynatrød:

'We have brought the good habits back home with us and exercise with our family’, he says.

The dedication shown by the ‘Esvagt Cornelia’ and other crews and departments pleases Nick Vejlgaard Ørskov, Chief Human Resources Officer.

‘It is wonderful to see all the different activities that have taken place – it is a source of inspiration for upcoming fitness campaigns. And it is remarkable to see so many participate. Over 250 colleagues will receive a prize for reaching at least 300 points in the challenge’, says Nick Vejlgaard Ørskov.


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