Officer seminar with time for collegial bonding

Press release   •   Nov 13, 2015 11:12 CET

The officer seminar strengthened relations in the shipping company. Dinner’s starter became wandering tapas to make time to meet even more colleagues.

“Remember: speak to someone you do not know!”

These were the instructions Kristian Ole Jakobsen, Chief Operating Officer for ESVAGT gave as he invited guest to take a seat for dinner as the ESVAGT officer group left the Musikhuset in Esbjerg after a day long seminar and headed to the Hotel Britannia for the social part of the arrangement.

Inviting guests to ’take a seat for dinner’ was somewhat an misleading invitation because it had been decided that the starter would be served as standing tapas to give everyone a chance to mingle with each other and talk.

“Experience tells us that prioritising the social aspect of the seminars is important. It is here we strengthen our internal knowledge and build on the relations that are so important,” explains Nick Ørskov, Head of People & HR:

“We have our own theory of relativity here at ESVAGT. We believe that good mutual relationships are what drive us to work together successfully. We emphasise that on a day such as this and try to cram as much talk time as possible into the day – for example, by making the starter conversational,” he says.

The seminar was for shipmasters, chief officers, first officers, chief engineers, officers and junior officers, and was run in three sessions to ensure that all 250 participants could take part. Management from land operations and several executive employees with whom the officers are in contact with on a daily basis also took part.

“Getting to know one another is an advantage for all parties,” says Kristian Ole Jakobsen:

”At last year’s seminar, I met a chief officer and an engineer from a group 3 vessel. It turned out that they were father and son working on the same vessel. It was a real eye-opener for me that I did not know that we had a crew that included father and son. Just a few years ago, this would have been something everyone in the shipping company knew about. Now that we are close to 1,000 employees in ESVAGT, it is not possible to get to know everyone. This is why we should take advantage of the occasions where we are gathered together and make sure we take the time and prioritise the social dimension,” he says.

ESVAGT is a dedicated provider of safety and support at sea, founded on an experienced and well-trained offshore crew and unmatched rescue capabilities.

We support the offshore Oil & Gas industries with a wide range of specialized services: Standby, Emergency Response and Resque Vessels (ERRV), Oil spill response, Firefighting, Tanker assists, Rig moves, Supply services and Interfield transfer of cargo and personnel.

In 2010, ESVAGT brought the dedicated offshore wind Service Operation Vessels (SOV) to the market. The SOVs provide accommodation for up to 40 technicians, storage for small turbine parts and a workshop, plus personnel and equipment transfer capabilities by either Walk-to-Work gangway system or Safe Transfer Boats.

ESVAGT was founded in 1981 and has a fleet of more than 40 vessels and more than 900 employees on- and offshore.