Plastic caps from the ‘Esvagt Mercator’ contribute to training of guide dogs

Press release   •   Jan 08, 2020 08:45 CET

Nearly 90 kg of caps from the 'Esvagt Mercator' are contributing to three guide dogs being trained.

The good vessel ‘Esvagt Mercator’ has pleased the Belgian Center for Guide Dogs by donating towards training of guide dogs.

The ‘Esvagt Mercator’ services the offshore wind farms Belwind and Nobelwind in Belgian waters, and ESVAGT’s crew have collected recyclable caps together with the client MHI Vestas Offshore Wind from juice boxes, milk cartons and plastic bottles in the vessel’s messroom, which added up to nearly 90 kg over a period of 16 months. These caps are now converted into a donation contributing to three guide dogs being trained in Belgium every year.

The donation was picked up by a happy Labrador and its delighted owners.


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